Bainbridge Community Foundation
Mission Statement: The Community Foundation was formed to support projects for the betterment of the Village and Town of Bainbridge and to benefit the citizens of the Bainbridge area. The goal is to coordinate and institute projects that will benefit our community as a whole

The Foundation was able to finish the Community Sign in General Clinton Park in 2019 after 3 years of raising funds. The Foundation is very thankful to the donors and businesses that gave funds, materials and donated their time to help us finish this project. We feel the sign is a valuable way for the community to keep up on what's happening in our area.
Our project for 2020 is to place an AED device in the Town Hall. The Foundation feels with the amount of visitors to the Town Hall Building this was a worthwhile project.
Summer Concert Series 2020
July 7 Woodshed Prophets         July 28 Rickety Fence
July 14 Uncle Shake                   Aug 4 Limited Edition
July 21Dirt Farm                         Aug 11 Fetish Lane
July 7 and Aug 11 concerts sponsored by
ACCO Brands
The Bainbridge Community Foundation is a not-for-profit New York State Corporation, organized under IRS law with 501(3)c status.

All funds are raised by donations from businesses and the local community. Please consider giving a tax deductible donation today so we can continue with local projects to make Bainbridge a nicer place to live.
Bainbridge Community Foundation
PO 313
Bainbridge NY 13733

Thanks to everyone that has donated in the past.