Sponsored by the Bainbridge Chamber of Commerce
Bainbridge Community Foundation
New playground equpment  July 2015
Sponsored by the Bainbridge Chamber of Commerce
Bainbridge, New York
Mission Statement: The Community Foundation was formed to support projects for the betterment of the Village and Town of Bainbridge and to benefit the citizens of the Bainbridge area. The goal is to coordinate and institute projects that will benefit our community as a whole.
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The Bainbridge Community Foundation is a not-for-profit New York State Corporation, organized under IRS law with 501(3)c status
Contact Information:

Bainbridge Community Foundation
PO Box 313
Bainbridge NY 13733

email: Bainbridge Community Foundation

Board of Directors

Ed Ray President
Jeff Anderson Vice President
Cheryl Dann Secretary
Dale Fox Treasurer

Gary Richman
Bob Evans
Dale Palmer
Andrew Maddalone